View and process files

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All files you attach to SignSpace, as well as files shared with you, appear in the Files list on the Files tab.

Depending on the size of the screen you are using, all columns may not fit on the screen at once, but the screen must be scrolled horizontally. Therefore, the width of the column can be adjusted. Hover over the vertical bar next to the column name to change the width of the column.

You can also select the columns to display in your file list in the Edit Columns help window.

All files are listed in chronological order, with the newest at the top.

Each file is displayed on its own line, except for multiple files attached to the same signature request or task. The files of the same signature request or task are put together in one bundle. The name of the bundle is the name of the signature request or task. The file bundle is marked with a blue icon. Click the arrow to view the files:

You can open a file in the preview view by clicking on the name of the file or file bundle.

In the file list, you can also see if tags have been assigned to the file. If a tag has been assigned to a message, signature request, or task containing a file, the tag will also appear in the file list. When you move the mouse cursor to the line of each file, you will see a new tag icon, which opens a help window for editing tags. In the help window, you can see the added tags and you can delete them or add new tags. All changes are saved automatically. When you're done, click the X or anywhere outside the help window to close the help window.

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