Read files in the files preview

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In the file preview, you can read the content of PDF files without downloading the files. For other file formats there is a Download button. A file preview opens by clicking on the file name.

A preview of one file looks like this.

The sidebar contains file summary information. All users with access to the file can see the top of the sidebar. The section containing tags and metadata is only visible to members of your own organisation. Anyone in your organisation can edit tags. Metadata editing feature is available for owners. Other users can see the metadata, but cannot make changes to it.

If the file belongs to a file bundle (there are more files in the same signature request or task), the entire bundle opens for preview. The file being viewed is indicated in the sidebar with an arrow and a bold font. You can change the previewed file by clicking on the desired file name.

If comments have been added to the document, you can see the comments by clicking on the Document comments tab.

Owners can rename files or file bundles and change the order in which files are presented.

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