Task management

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Tasks help keep things organised. With tasks, you can ensure that important things get done.

You can create to-do lists directly within conversations or create an independent task. You can follow the progress of tasks from the tasks view.

Creating a task

To create a stand-alone task, click the + New button and select Task.

Fill out the New task form. Give the task a title. Assignees are invited to perform the task. You can add one or more assignees. Users who are given access to the task and the conversation created for it, but who have not been assigned this task, are added to the Other recipients field. You can set a due date for the task and attach files to it. The message appears in the email notification sent to the recipients.

You can protect the task and respective discussions in the security settings.

When you click the Send button, a new task will be created.

The task can be discussed. The conversation where the discussion takes place can be displayed by clicking on the speech bubbles icon or any message.

If task lists are added to the conversation, they are displayed as sub-tasks in the main view and also on the messages.


Adding tasks to messages

You can create to-do lists within conversations by selecting the to-do icon in the message writing panel.


Write a description for the task and assign it to a person or group by writing @person's name or @group's name.

Note! You can only assign tasks to people who can be found in the address book of your SignSpace account.

Marking tasks as done

You can mark tasks assigned to you as done by clicking on the box. By placing the mouse over the task, you can see who completed the task and when.

Task owners set tasks added on messages complete on behalf of the assigned person by clicking on the check box.

The main task can be set completed by selecting Complete on behalf from the three-dot menu.


Tasks follow-up

You can follow-up tasks from the tasks view.

With the help of filters and free text search, you can create short-lists according to your needs. For example, the "My incomplete" filter brings open tasks assigned to you to the list.

By clicking on a task from the list, you can process the selected task.

NOTE! Each task is displayed in the task list with its own task line; both independent tasks and tasks added to message.

Canceling a task

Task owners can cancel a task. This is done by selecting Cancel task from the three-dot menu next to the task.

The canceled task is no longer active and is displayed as canceled in the task list.


Reopening the task

Task owners can open a canceled task. This is done by choosing Open the task again from the three-dot menu.


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