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New signature request

To create a new signature request, click the + New button and select Signature request.

Fill the New signature request form.

CONTRACT NAME is the title of the signature request and will be displayed in the email invitation sent to signatories.

Attaching files to be signed

Attach the files that the recipient needs to sign under FILES TO SIGN. The maximum file size is 60 MB and the most common file types are allowed. The exception is the LIGHT plan, which only includes attaching pdf files. You can change the display order of files to be signed by dragging and dropping them either on the signature request form or later in the file preview view.


Adding signatories

Invite the SIGNATORIES to sign the attached documents. When you add the signer's email address, name or SignSpace ID, the input field changes to the following format.


The signer's e-mail address is displayed in the upper left column. If the signer has a SignSpace account and you have the right to see this information, the account name will be displayed below the email address. If the signer has several SignSpace accounts, you can choose which account the invitation will be sent to.

The signer's email address or SignSpace ID is required information. Other signatory information is optional:

  • The name of the signatory can be added if it is not pre-filled. If the name field is left blank, the signer will be asked to enter his name before signing. This only applies to light authentication. When a strong authentication method is selected, the signer's full name is displayed on the signature page instead of the manually entered name.
  • If the signer's job title is filled in, it will be displayed on the signature page.
  • The Contracting party given in the upper right corner indicates the organisation the signatory represents and is displayed on the signature page. Select a party to the contract from the list, if available, or enter the name of the organisation manually. When you start writing the name, you will be suggested suitable organisations registered in the Finnish Trade Register. If the organisation is not Finnish or you cannot find it, enter the name and click Apply. Select "-" if you do not want this information to appear on the signature page.

When you have entered the information of the signatories, you can write a message to the recipients if you wish.

If the posting of comments is allowed, recipients of signature requests can send comments related to the signature request. The creator of the signature request and other owners will receive a notification by email if the signature request has been commented on.


Sending documents for review

Documents to be signed can be sent for review before they are sent for signing. Invite INTERNAL REVIEWERS with an email address, name or SignSpace ID.

When you have entered the reviewers, you can write them an accompanying message if you wish.

NOTE! The review process is intended primarily for internal reviews! However, if necessary, you can also add an external person as reviewer. The conversation during the review is visible only to internal users, reviewers, and persons who are later added to this internal conversation by the owner of the signature request.

You can choose if the signature invitations are sent automatically when the reviews have been approved or send the signature request manually from the user interface after the review. If you choose the manual option, you will be notified by email when the review is complete. This option is suitable, for example, for situations where you want to send the document for review in an editable format, for example as a WORD file and change it to a PDF file before sending it for signing.

You can display the names of the reviewers on the signature page by selecting Display reviewers on the signature page.


Sharing information to recipients and additional owners

In the Other recipients field, add the users and groups to whom you want to grant access to the signature request.

In the Owners field, add the users and groups who have the right to edit and manage the signature request. You don't need to add yourself to the owner list, because as the creator of the signature request, you are automatically the owner.


The envelope icon at the end of the Other Recipients and Owners fields allows you to define email notification settings per signature request.


Selection of settings and workflows from the sidebar

In the right sidebar, you can find the signature request settings and workflows. By opening and closing sections, you can customise the sections that are relevant to you. Your choice will be saved for future signature requests.


Select the authentication level

Select the required level of authentication that signers must use during the signing process:

  • Light: the signatory is asked to verify his identity by confirming email address either during SignSpace account registration or during signing with a one-time security code delivered to the user's email address.
  • Strong: the signatory is asked to verify his / her identity using strong
    electronic identification device during the signing event.

Automation of reminders

Add Due date when you want to set a deadline for completing the signature request and automate the sending of reminders. Reminders are sent three days before the due date, the day before the due date, and after the due date has passed.

You can specify whether signatories can sign documents after the due date. If signing is not allowed after the due date, the signature request is automatically canceled when the due date expires.


Changing language settings

Email invitations are sent and a signature page is created by default in the language selected in the user interface. You can change the language of email invitations if needed. The signature page is created in the selected languages.


Selection of workflows


Determining the order of signatures

If you set Signing order on, signatories are invited to sign in the numerical order you specify.


Allowing delegation

Allow delegation allows the invited signatories to delegate signature requests to another person if they are not the right person to sign the document.


Scheduled sending

The scheduled sending function can be used to set a date when the signature request will be sent. The signature request is sent on the morning of the specified day at 6:00 AM. The signature request remains as an editable draft until it is sent.


Metadata entry

With the help of metadata, contracts can be enriched with controlled information. If your organisation has defined metadata structures, you can choose the template that best meets your needs and fills in the requested metadata. Metadata structures are defined in metadata settings.



Protection of contents

The security code protection function protects files with the code needed to open them. Code protection can ensure that the user who clicked on the invitation link has access to the email address to which the invitation was sent.

The contents of the signing request can be protected with strong authentication. The use of the setting requires that the user has first strongly identified himself. Strong identification is required from all invited users. NOTE! Access to content protected by strong authentication requires all users to create a SignSpace account and sign in to the service.

Select Do not display conversations on email notifications if the conversations involve confidential information.

When the File sending to email disabled option is selected, a file download link protected by a security code is sent to users instead of sending the files to email.


Preview, save as draft and send

A signature page containing signature information is generated when all signatures have been collected. You can preview a draft of the signature page by clicking Signature page preview before sending the invitation to make sure that the information appears on the page as desired.

When the signature request form is filled, you can either Save it as a draft or send it using the Send button.

The saved draft is only visible to you (the creator) and any other owners added on the form. Click Edit Signature Request, make any updates, and click Send when you're ready to submit the request.

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